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Dr Nick
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Nick is currently working on a project in collaboration with the Met Office to develop a new cloud model, called MONC, which the atmospheric scientific community will use to model atmospheric flows, turbulence and clouds at very high resolutions and/or near real time. This replaces an existing model, which the community have relied on for 30 years, but due to scalability and software engineering issues is not able to take advantage of modern supercomputers and our new model targets running these simulations on 100,000+ cores.

Nick is involved with the outreach programme and has developed the EPCC dinosaur racing exhibit where participants can configure their own dinosaur, send this to a supercomputer for its movement to be accurately modeled and then race their creation against other people's designs. Apart from being a fun activity this illustrates how simulation is crucial to modern science, as these creatures have been extinct for millions of years the only way to test and explore a paleontologists' theory is to simulate the creature. This work relies upon the Gaitsym model, developed by scientists at Manchester University who actively use these computation techniques to further the community's knowledge and understanding of dinosaur movement.

Nick is involved with the MSc in High Performance Computing, is the course organiser for the Parallel Design Patterns module and also supervises student dissertation projects.

He joined EPCC in 2012 coming from industry where he had worked as a software engineer for a large consultancy firm. Prior to that Nick completed a PhD at Durham University with the thesis “Type Oriented Parallel Programming” which was concerned with developing a new programming language, Mesham, using innovative use of the type system to support efficient, maintainable and flexible parallel code.

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