The Tier-1 ARCHER2 (Advanced Research Computing High End Resource) service is the UK’s primary academic research supercomputer. This world-class advanced computing resource enables UK researchers to carry out internationally competitive work, so supporting the UK's status as a leader in computational science and engineering.

The ARCHER2 service, which began in February 2021, represents a significant step forward in capability for the UK’s science community, with the £79 million service among the fastest CPU-based systems in the world.

ARCHER2 is an HPE Cray EX supercomputing system and once fully operational will have an estimated peak performance of 28 PFLOP/s. The machine has 5,848 compute nodes, each with dual AMD EPYC Zen2 (Rome) 64 core CPUs at 2.2GHz, giving 748,544 cores in total.

Service Provision and Computational Science and Engineering services

EPCC holds the contracts to provide the accommodation, Service Provision, and Computational Science and Engineering services for ARCHER2.

Service Provision provides the service desk, offering a single support access point for users of the ARCHER2 system. Essential system maintenance and upgrades are carried out as well as providing monitoring and support services.  

Computational Science and Engineering includes responsibility for helping users with porting, optimising and developing their codes for ARCHER2, providing advice and best practices to enable users to exploit ARCHER2 resources, and training and developing scientific software expertise among UK researchers.

Through a series of regular calls, Embedded CSE (eCSE) support provides funding to the ARCHER2 user community to develop software in a sustainable manner to improve research on the ARCHER2 service. The funding allows the employment of a Research Software Engineer (RSE) to carry out development of ARCHER2 software.

The ARCHER2 service includes training across the UK to meet the needs of different research communities.

Access to ARCHER2

Academic researchers
See the ARCHER2 website:

Commercial organisations
On-demand access is available to Industry directly through EPCC. Contact EPCC Business Manager Thomas Blyth to find out more:

Find out more

ARCHER 2 website:
Twitter feed: @ARCHER2_HPC

ARCHER2 is housed at EPCC’s Advanced Computing Facility. The service is provided by UKRI’s Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, and Natural Environment Research Council.