Dinosaurs in Europe!

Author: Paul Graham
Posted: 16 Apr 2013 | 23:18

Day 1 of the fifth PRACE industry seminar, and attendance is high, despite losing a delegate in the tour of the Mercedes production line this morning (really!). A day of interesting talks but I think the main outcome has been the opportunity for potential collaborators to meet, make new contacts and get the best advice as to how to enhance their business via HPC.

The social event was a tour of the local museum which specialises in Ichthyosaur fossils as well as other rare and exotic prehistoric creatures (insert your own management-based joke here!). Fascinating, some of the fossils were huge. This was followed by an excellent meal in a local restaurant, and then to bed (or to a laptop to write a blog ...)

IcthyosaurNessie!Not the most attractive ...


Paul Graham, EPCC


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I feel some dinosaur envy coming along ...

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