INDY hosts MATLAB® and Simulink® computational modelling facility.

Author: George Graham
Posted: 3 Jun 2013 | 09:42

A joint effort between MathWorks and EPCC has successfully demonstrated cloud-like access to MathWork’s modelling suite on INDY, EPCC's HPC cluster targeted at industrial users. Users can now readily scale-up their computationally intensive MATLAB® programs and Simulink® models. The complete MathWork’s software suite, including  MATLAB®, Parallel Computing Toolbox™(MPCT) and Distributed Compute Server™(MDCS) has been installed.

Conceptually EPCC acts as a hosting provider of the MathWork’s software suite and existing users leverage their current MathWorks licence to run their models on INDY. The requirement is that the user already has a MathWorks account. Existing MATLAB® users, for example, with ’Login Named User’ enabled on their ’Standalone Name User’ licence, can run not only on their local machines, but also on INDY using the same licence. When MATLAB® starts-up, the user will be prompted for their account information.

Users could, for example, develop their program or model on a local multicore desktop computer using Parallel Computing Toolbox™(MPCT), then scale up to many cores by running on INDY using MATLAB® Distributed Computing Server (MDCS). The server supports batch jobs, parallel computations and distributed large data, and integrates seamlessly with INDY’s Platform LSF job scheduler.

The INDY wiki page shows how the MATLAB® facility is accessed using VNC server for general connectivity. Current support is provided on INDY’s Linux platform and will be migrated to Windows HPC platform in due course.

Potential users should contact their MathWorks representative for more information on the licensing arrangements.


George Graham, EPCC

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