Software Carpentry in Bath

Author: Mike Jackson
Posted: 19 Jul 2013 | 07:35

This week I was in Bath to lead a Software Carpentry boot camp organised by Software Sustainability Institute fellow, Alex Chartier. I was joined by Chris Woods from the University of Bristol, who made his instructor debut. The SSI fellow Manchester fellow, Michael Croucher, also came along to help out.

We had 24 attendees, primarily from the UK Meterological Office, the Plymouth Marine Laboratory and from the universities of Bath, Bristol and Liverpool. They included researchers into oceanography, meterology, climate science, geosciences, environmental sciences, earth sciences, with a few from biology/bioinformatics, electrical engineering and computer science. About half of the attendees were PhD students, the rest more senior researchers.

The attendees found the boot camp a useful experience, with special mention being made of the helpers, who can sit down alongside attendees and help them catch up should they fall behind. A general comment that such class room-based courses are useful as one can share space and discuss things with other people outwith the actual course content, one advantage of face-to-face over online teaching. For a detailed review of the boot camp's good points and bad points check out the feedback on the Software Carpentry blog.

For more news on The Software Sustainability Institute's involvement in Software Carpentry or if you want to get involved as a helper, instructor or organiser, check out the Institute's Software Carpentry web page or get in touch.

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