PGAS 2013 is coming to Edinburgh

Author: Toni Collis
Posted: 6 Sep 2013 | 10:44

Registration is now open for PGAS 2013.

EPCC is hosting the 7th International Conference on PGAS Programming Models in Edinburgh from 3-4th October and we have now finalised an exciting programme. The PGAS conference is the premier forum to present and discuss ideas and research developments in the area of PGAS models, languages, compilers, runtimes, applications and tools, PGAS architectures and hardware features. It is being held outside the United States for the first time.

Event programme

The programme has now been published on the conference website and brings together leading researchers and scientists from North America, Europe and Japan. It includes two keynote presentations.


In the first keynote, Duncan Roweth from Cray will discuss hardware support for PGAS languages. He will provide an analysis of the requirements for efficient hardware support, review the current state of the art, and illustrate performance using data from UPC, Coarray Fortran and SHMEM applications running on the Cray XC30. 

The second keynote presentation will be given by Mitsuhisa Sato from the University of Tsukuba in Japan, who will be discussing issues in “Exascale Accelerated Computing”. He will in particular discuss an Exascale study on the HA-PACS project, which has developed a tightly coupled accelerator (TCA) technology where there are direct connections between GPUs. This has resulted in the extension of Tsukuba's PGAS language XcalableMP to facilitate the use of this technology.

The remainder of the two-day event contains a broad range of topics, from PGAS languages and tools to talks on memory management and specific studies on software packages such as GROMACS.

Associated events

Preceding the conference are two days of associated events, all free to attend. Firstly, PRACE is organising a PGAS training course on the 1st and 2nd October, just ahead of PGAS 2013. The aim of the course is for attendees to gain an understanding of the PGAS programming model, an ability to parallelise regular array-based code using UPC and Fortran Coarrays, and an understanding of the synchronisation requirements of PGAS models. Registration is through the PRACE training website.

On the afternoon of the 2nd October, EPCC is hosting a tutorial on PGAS and hybrid MPI+PGAS programming models, run by Dhabaleswar K. (DK) Panda and Sreeram Potluri from the Ohio State University. This tutorial is aimed at scientists, researchers and software developrs working in the areas of PGAS and MPI programming models, high-performance communication and I/O, networking, middleware, Exascale computing and applications. To register for the event email us your contact details.

So please come and join us for PGAS 2013, or just come along and have some training in PGAS languages, and as an added bonus explore Edinburgh at its very best in Autumn (just remember to bring windproof clothing).

Registration dates

Registration for the conference closes on the 29th September 2013, but if you register by the end of Tuesday 10th September you will get an Early Bird discount.


Toni Collis, EPCC


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