MSc in HPC Guest Lecture Series 2014

Author: Iain Bethune
Posted: 4 Mar 2014 | 11:54

Every year I have the pleasure (and challenge!) of organising a series of guest lectures as part of EPCC's MSc in HPC. The lectures form part of the HPC Ecosystem course, and aim to give students an appreciation of the current issues and experiences of real-world HPC practioners.

Speakers are drawn from academia and industry, and include application developers, researchers and HPC vendors - giving a good view of the breadth of activities and careers which come under the umbrella of 'HPC' in its broadest sense. It is also a great opportunity for the students to network with the speakers. In previous years some of our students have gone on to PhDs or graduate jobs thanks to a connection they first made at the guest lectures.

Intel on Exascale

This year's series has just got underway with a talk from Ian Wardrope of Intel, covering its approach to tackling the challenges of Exascale computing from hardware, software and data perspectives. Slides and audio from the talks are available on the Guest Lectures page, and are also made available via our iTunes U podcast channel. If you listen carefully, you'll find out how HPC was used to optimise the aerodynamic properties of a well-known potato and wheat snack product to stop them taking off while travelling at speed during the production process! You can also find podcasts from previous years' talks too.

Coming up...

The next lecture (14th March) will be from Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES), talking about how HPC revolutionised its simulation workflow.

To find out about EPCC's work with IES, see Ronnie Galloway's post.

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