ARCHER: the mum spin

Author: Lorna Smith
Posted: 25 Apr 2014 | 08:51

How does the national supercomputing service compare with two boys aged 5 and 6?

Lorna Smith (ARCHER Computational Science & Engineering Deputy Director) gave the answers during her talk at the Women in HPC launch.

Energy consumption

ARCHER: Energy efficiency key to design.

Boys: Significant and increasing exponentially. Unsustainable.


ARCHER: Water/air cooled, efficiency is key.

Boys: Water cooling not recommended unless in extreme circumstances.


ARCHER: Extensive training courses, webinars, on-line material.

Boys: No training, often baffling.

Fault tolerance

ARCHER: Mechanisms to cope with failures eg node failure.

Boys: Catastrophic. Single point of failure.

Support network

ARCHER: Streamline professional support team.

Boys: Extensive untrained volunteer support network.


Lorna Smith, EPCC

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