SPRINT v1.0.6 released! OpenMPI and R V3 compatible

Author: Terry Sloan
Posted: 30 Jun 2014 | 13:30
EPCC and the Division of Pathway Medicine at the University of Edinburgh have released version 1.0.6 of the SPRINT R software package. This is compatible with R Version 3 and now supports OpenMPI as well as MPICH.

SPRINT (Simple Parallel R INTerface) is an easy-to-use parallel version of R – a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics that is very popular in both academia and commerce. SPRINT allows R users access to high-performance computing without the need to master parallel programming methods, enabling the easy exploitation of HPC systems. In SPRINT v1.0.6, the package has been updated to work with OpenMPI as well as MPICH as the underlying MPI library that it uses as the basis of its parallelisation strategy. In addition, the SPRINT team has successfully tested v1.0.6 with R Version 3 on Mac OS and Linux.

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