Day 1: Big Bang Fair

Author: Mario Antonioletti
Posted: 14 Mar 2016 | 21:31

This is day one of the Big Bang Fair, not one that the target audience see; it is build day where we, along with all the other exhibitors, begin construction of our booths and exhibits. Our two pallets that got shipped from Edinburgh at the end of last week await unpacking whilst our floor, in the background of the pic, is being laid out. Not only are there two pallets but we have all come down, burdened like donkeys, bringing additional material, laptops, PC sticks, etc that will also be used on the booth. Despite all this the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham is truly massive with 20 exhibition halls. The Big Bang Fair are only using four of them and we are completely dwarfed by this huge amount of space.

Over the next two days the whole area has been designated to be a building site. In order to gain access you need high visibility vests and steel toe capped safety boots. Oops, we have the vests but not the boots. Mad scramble - there are only 3 of us: me, Mirren and Alistair. We quickly source 2 pairs of boots but the local shop does not have enough boots of the correct size. Mirren and Alistair go in to start the build while I remain outside looking after the luggage. They do a sterling job of starting to put the booth up:

and some of the exhibits:

But a lot of work still remains to be done. Tomorrow we will be joined by Lorna, Nick and Gordon; so more safety shoes have had to be sourced. I walked into town and managed to get enough safety shoes for us all. We expect to make short work of this tomorrow to be ready for the punters (70,000+ young people aged between 7-17) on Wednesday. More soon....

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