HPC-Europa returns!

Author: Catherine Inglis
Posted: 15 Jun 2017 | 11:11

We are delighted to announce the return of the much-loved HPC-Europa Transnational Access visitor programme.

HPC-Europa and its predecessor TRACS together supported more than 850 research visits to EPCC between 1993 and 2012. Over the last few years HPC-Europa has been much missed, judging by the number of former visitors and their colleagues and local host research groups who have contacted us to ask if there will be a new programme.  

This clear evidence of a continuing demand even after a gap of several years confirms what we have always believed: HPC-Europa offers a unique and highly valuable opportunity for both visiting and hosting researchers.

HPC-Europa3 again allows researchers to spend up to three months in a participating country to collaborate with others working in a similar field, while making use of the project partners’ world-class HPC facilities.  

EPCC alone will support 200 research visits over four years, while UK-based researchers will be able to apply for visits to associated institutes in Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain.  

The programme is open to researchers of all levels, from any discipline which can make use of HPC. Travel expenses and a living allowance are paid.

In HPC-Europa3, EPCC is joined by ICHEC, the Irish Centre for High-End Computing, to form a “British Isles” region. This increases the range of available computing facilities, as well as introducing a whole new network of potential host research groups in Ireland.

Regional Access Programme component 

To encourage the uptake of HPC in under-represented countries, a new Regional Access Programme component focuses on the Western Balkans and Baltic regions (represented by GRNET in Greece, and KTH-PDC in Sweden respectively). This offers smaller allocations of HPC resources to users within those regions who have less experience, with a lower threshold for participation. Experienced users in those regions will still be able to apply to the regular HPC-Europa programme.


HPC-Europa3 started on 1st May 2017. The first closing date for applications is expected to be in early September, with the first visits beginning in late 2017. 


Catherine Inglis, Project Manager, EPCC

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