MSc Annual Guest Lectures series

Author: Arno Proeme
Posted: 15 Jun 2017 | 13:47

As part of our MSc Programmes, EPCC organises a yearly series of guest lectures given by external speakers from industry and academia. 

These are formally part of the “HPC Ecosystem” course and, like that course as a whole, they complement the core technical skills taught on our other MSc courses by offering insights into how high-performance computing actually operates in the real world. 

The lectures strengthen our students’ awareness and understanding of the evolving HPC landscape and its key players including HPC hardware and software vendors, service providers, user communities, etc and how these relate to each other. Students also find the lectures offer inspiration for possible career directions and opportunities in HPC. 

The MSc guest lectures are aimed at our MSc students but are also attended by our PhD students, EPCC staff, and are usually open to interested externals.

Guest Lectures archive 

Abstracts and slides from Guest Lectures from 2009–2016 can be found on our website:


Arno Proeme, Applications Consultant, EPCC

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