EPCC at the Big Bang Fair 2018

Author: Mario Antonioletti
Posted: 7 Mar 2018 | 17:27

For the third year running, EPCC (under the Archer banner) will be at the Big Bang Fair in Birmingham, explaining how scientists are using the ARCHER service to perform world-class science. 

You will be able to use Wee Archie, our very own Raspberry Pi-based supercomputer, to design an aircraft wing. You can then see whether a plane using your design would be able to take off and how far it could fly!

You can also run your own virtual supercomputing centre. Can you generate enough income by selling time on your systems to ensure they stay in a good state of health and are powerful enough to run more and bigger computing jobs? Can you beat the scores of your peers?

We will also demonstrate how parallelism, where many processors simultaneously work on the same job, can reduce the time required to do a job or allow more work to be done. All modern supercomputers are based on parallelism, and you and your team can play the part of supercomputer processors by sorting coloured beanbags. Do you get faster as you add more people to the task? Can you collectively act as a better supercomputer than the other teams? Come and find out!

Look for us at the ARCHER–Supercomputers exhibit at stand 239 in the NEC from 14th–17th March.


Mario Antonioletti, EPCC


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