PRACE Summer of HPC 2019

Author: Mario Antonioletti
Posted: 29 Jul 2019 | 14:55

PRACE Summer of HPC (SoHPC) offers summer placements at HPC centres across Europe to late-stage undergraduates and/or Masters students. Up to twenty top applicants from across Europe spend two months working on projects related to PRACE technical or industrial work. Here are the three SoHPC visitors who are collaborating on projects with EPCC staff. 

Firstly Caelen Feller, who is working with Gordon Gibb on a project with Wee Archie.

Hi, I’m Caelen Feller, a final year undergraduate student in mathematics from Trinity College Dublin. I’ll be working with EPCC's Raspberry Pi computing cluster Wee Archie this summer.
The main goal of the project is to create a series of (hopefully interactive) demos to illustrate the concepts of message passing in parallel computing. When I've done this, I'll take the existing coastal defence simulation and visualise the communications going on in the algorithm. 
When I’m not working/studying, I’m a big fan of reading, knitting, and board/card games, and I hope to make use of this in my demos, as I believe games are an excellent medium for the type of outreach Wee Archie is used in. I'll post updates on the EPCC blog, but you can follow my progress more closely here.
Benjamin Huth is working with Nick Brown and Oliver Brown on accelerating event driven task-based programming with GASNet.

I'm Benjamin from Germany. I'm very pleased to be here at EPCC as part of Summer of HPC 2019! I study physics at the University of Regensburg, where I'm currently doing my master thesis. In this year's SoHPC, I will work on a task-based library (EDAT, created by Nick Brown here at EPCC) and try to implement another messaging backend. The current one works with MPI, but there also exists a messaging-framework called GASNet, which potentially better suits the task-based approach of EDAT.

And last but not least, Ebru Diler from Turkey who is working with David Henty on the performance of Python programs on new HPC architecture.
My name is Ebru Diler and I have studied Industrial Engineering in Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey. Currently I am a Master's student in the same department, working on optimisation problems and trying to approach them with metaheuristic algorithms.

I became one of 25 participants among +100 applicants from Europe for the Summer of HPC programme. I like racing against time and challenges: Summer of HPC is my current challenge! My project as part of this programme is improving the speed performance of Python by experimenting with high performance scientific and fast data processing libraries. I'm currently working on Cirrus to run Python code and then I will start working on Fulhame to experiment with ARM64 machines as well.

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