ARCHER Data Transfer Guide now updated

Author: Caoimhin Laoide-Kemp
Posted: 13 Sep 2019 | 10:39

As ARCHER and the UK Research Data Facility (RDF) are both coming to the end of their service, many users will have to transfer their data to their own machines. Because of this, the ARCHER Data Transfer Guide has been updated to give more precise and up-to-date information about best practices for transferring data between ARCHER, the RDF, and remote machines.

The layout was tweaked to better guide the user through the process of transferring a file from start to finish. It begins with some general information giving an overview of the process, before outlining the details of compressing and file transfer. It concludes with more advanced information about heavy duty file transfers.

The sample commands for file compression and transfer were also updated, and new examples were added in order to make as much information as possible available to the users without them having to look up additional documentation. All broken and outdated links were fixed.

Additionally, EPCC's Andy Turner conducted a webinar highlighting the most useful parts of the guide, and going into more detail on some of the sections.

If you have any questions about copying your data to/from ARCHER or the RDF, please contact the ARCHER helpdesk via


Caoimhín Laoide-Kemp, EPCC

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