How do you use a supercomputer?

Supercomputers are often made up of a large number of coupled computer cores – the brains of the computer - all working together in parallel.

Computer algorithms are a set of step-by-step instructions to be performed by a computer. For a supercomputer, most of these algorithms will need additional steps to explain how information is divided and shared between multiple computer cores. For a computer to understand these instructions, they are written in a computer language.

The computer languages used on a supercomputer are similar to those of a normal computer. However there are often additional options to describe how you share information and send messages between the coupled computers. 

Post sorting

Learn about how the post office uses algorithms used on the fastest supercomputers in the world to send you your mail! Learn more about mail sorting and parallel algorithms here.

Supercomputing word search

How many supercomputing terms can you recognise? Can you find them in this word search? We have created two fun word searches - one for adults and one for children.

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