What is a Supercomputer?

A supercomputer is an extremely fast computer, usually millions of times faster than a normal home computer. 

Typically created by coupling together a very large number of normal computers, their overall capacity to crunch numbers is very high.

Build your own supercomputer!

Build your own supercomputer and process as many jobs as quickly as possible. The more you run, the more money you earn and the greater your chance of promotion. But be careful - if you have too many waiting jobs the game is over.  Find out more here.

Wee Archie

Meet Wee Archie, our mini ARCHER. A portable, functional cluster to demonstrate applications and concepts of HPC to the wider public. Find out more here.

The evolution of high performance computing at EPCC

Find out about the supercomputers at EPCC and how they have changed over the years. Read about it here.

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