Design and manage your own supercomputer

Have you ever wondered how a supercomputer is constructed?

This game takes you through building a supercomputer and you gain points and money based on how many jobs you run.

Each job you run provides money and reputation, the more of these you get the higher your score and promotion prospects.

However you need to be careful - if there are more than 10 waiting jobs in the queue then the game will be over. You will start the game by clicking on one of the four cabinets (image on the right) and jobs will begin to arrive once you have added your first node (a node is a computer and these run the user's jobs.) 

As jobs run, especially if they are being handled quickly, you will progress towards the next level. There are four levels and as you go from one to the next then extra computer components will be available and users will send you more complex (but also better paying) jobs. You are aiming to maximise your score, determined by how well you are doing, and once you reach the last level this becomes the main objective of the game.

Money is not only used to buy new computer equipment, but to also fix nodes when they break and pay the power bill. The power bill is charged at intervals throughout the game and the more energy efficient your system is then the smaller this bill will be. You can borrow extra money (with interest charged) to help in building your system.

You will win rewards for the faster your supercomputer goes, how ‘green’ it is (how much science can you do for the amount of electricity used) and you will have the opportunity to try and build and run a national HPC centre or even a world leading supercomputer!

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