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Here are some of the most popular areas in which we offer training: see the menu on the left for a complete list. All courses can be tailored to meet the needs of a specific audience.

If you are interested in working with us to deliver a course, please contact Dr David Henty.

Sample courses

Message Passing Programming with MPI

An introduction to using the MPI library for parallel programming. No prior parallel programming experience required.

Shared Memory Programming with OpenMP

An introduction to using OpenMP for parallel programming. No prior parallel programming experience required.

Software Carpentry Boot Camp

Software Carpentry’s goal is to help scientists and engineers become more productive by teaching them basic computing skills like program design, version control, testing, and task automation.

GPU Programming Workshop

An introduction to programming GPU accelerators using CUDA, OpenCL and OpenACC. No prior parallel programming experience required.

Performance Programming

Application performance is one of the key requirements for HPC applications. However this is one of the more difficult requirements to satisfy as issues affecting performance often vary between different hardware and software environments.



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