INDY is a dual configuration Linux-Windows HPC cluster aimed at industrial users from the scientific and engineering communities who require on-demand access to mid-range, industry standard, HPC.

The INDY system consists of 24 back-end nodes and two front-end, login nodes utilising high performance, low latency interconnect. There are four AMD Opteron, 16 core processors per node giving 64 cores per node, and 1536 cores in total. As standard, each back-end node has 256Gbyte of shared RAM, with two large memory back-end nodes configured with 512 Gbyte RAM to support applications which have a requirement for a larger shared memory resource. In addition, the system has support for future installation of up to two GPGPUs cards (NVIDIA or AMD) per node.

INDY utlises IBM's industry leading Platform HPC cluster management software providing job level dynamic provisioning of compute nodes into either Windows or Linux depending on a user's specific O/S requirement. 

Time on INDY is charged at 5.1p per core/hour (exclusive of VAT).

To apply for time on INDY contact Thomas Blyth +44 (0) 131 651 3461.

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