The Catalyst UK programme is a collaboration between Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Arm, SUSE and three UK universities to to accelerate the adoption of Arm based supercomputer applications in the UK. EPCC was chosen as a site for one of these systems (named ‘Fulhame' after pioneering chemist Elizabeth Fulhame), with the other two systems being installed at the University of Bristol and the University of Leicester.

Fulhame was delivered and installed in late 2018. This HPE Apollo 70-based system consists of 64 compute nodes , each with two 32-core Cavium ThunderX2 processors (ie 4096 cores in total), 128GB of memory composed of 16 DDR4 DIMMs, and Mellanox InfiniBand interconnects. It can be made available to both industry and academia, with the intention of building applications that drive economic growth and productivity as outlined in the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy.

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