OGSA-DAI Workbench: An enhanced visual workbench for OGSA-DAI

One of the outputs of the ADMIRE project was DISPEL, a data-intensive systems process engineering language.

DISPEL is a Java-like language for describing streaming data workflows. Writing DISPEL workflows requires a good degree of programming knowledge and to complement this ADMIRE produced a visual workbench based on the Eclipse tools platform. The workbench allows users to drag and drop processing elements from palettes and connect them together to form OGSA-DAI workflows, building complex data flows from simple components.

The OGSA-DAI Workbench project was a UK JISC-funded project to further develop the workbench to improve its usability and so make it easier for researchers to develop data-intensive workflows for research, exploration and knowledge discovery via OGSA-DAI. The project improved the workbench via a combination of usability evaluation and software development.

For further information visit OGSA-DAI Workbench on SourceForge