Software Sustainability Institute

The Software Sustainability Institute is a national facility for the users and developers of research software. It is led by EPCC in collaboration with the universities of Manchester, Oxford and Southampton.

Software is increasingly underpinning research, and not only in the disciplines of physics and astronomy but also across life and social sciences, economics and the humanities. This is partly driven by the subtle shift in many fields towards data-driven research. EPCC provides software engineering expertise to drive the continued improvement and impact of research software through a series of projects in partnership with key research groups. EPCC staff collaborate on projects with these groups to improve the maintenance, quality and usability of existing software, as well as developing publicly available resources and disseminating best practice to improve the process of sustainable software development.

The Software Sustainability Institute coordinates Software Carpentry in the UK, which gives researchers training to help them to confidently and efficiently develop software that improves their productivity by reducing re-work and increasing reuse.

Further information

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