VOX-FE: Finite element modelling of bone

VOX-FE is a large, multi-part system which models the stresses and strains encountered by bones and bone implants when placed under external stress, by walking or being knocked.

The aim of this project is to improve performance of the mathematical solver on HPC systems such as HECToR such that current models can be solved at higher resolutions in equal or lower times than at present. It is also one of two test-cases for the asynchronous algorithms for large sparse systems project which aims to speed computation by developing algorithms which can be run without the need for synchronization between processing elements which is expected to be of benefit as HPC systems scale towards exascale sizes.

The current hurdle is in loading and saving data from the solver. As the resolution of the model increases, ever more data has to be transferred from file to memory and the current, serial method does not scale to the large number of cores that is desired. This dCSE project is to implement parallel I/O functionality and improve scaling performance.

EPCC blog post (Jan 2015)