Enabling world-class science

A core component of our work is to develop and improve applications which enable scientific discovery. 

In recent years world-class science has increasingly involved computer simulation. Systems which are difficult, expensive, or downright impossible to realise either theoretically or experimentally may be accessed via simulation. And simulation often means using the largest and fastest computers to provide the most detailed picture possible. EPCC has many years' experience in helping get the most out of high-performance computing to advance scientific agendas.

Computer simulations address some of society's most pressing issues: medical problems related to an aging population, climate change and the search for renewable energy sources, the design of new materials with useful properties, and so on.

Some current work includes:

  • BioExcel: Centre of Excellence in Computational Molecular Biology
  • LSST: The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope
  • VOX-FE: modelling the stresses and strains experienced by bone implants

A jawbone via VOX-FE (Prof Michael Hagan, University of Hull)

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