Technologies for future HPC systems

Next-generation HPC systems

EPCC is preparing for the next generation of supercomputers, which are expected to perform at the exascale level. However, many of the challenges associated with these very large systems will be observed across the full range of HPC systems: from the desktop to national supercomputing services.

With support from the European Commission and collaborating with peer supercomputing centres around Europe, we have assembled a portfolio of R&D projects to address the panoply of exascale challenges. The centre has been engaged in exascale research for a number of years now, following the instigation of the Exascale Technology Centre.

For exascale technologies, we have a focus on enabling next-generation HPC and high-performance data analytics (HPDA) systems, aiming towards tens of millions of processing elements and requiring extreme-scale parallelism. Our exascale software development and research has a focus on I/O, resiliency, efficiency and programming models.

We work closely with application developers and with research groups to prepare their codes for exascale. For example, we are working with scientists in the area of biomolecular research and fluid flow.

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