Data research projects

A selection of our recent collaborations in data research.

Data analytics and data science

Administrative Data Research Scotland: Working with Scottish Government and SCADR, we are enhancing administrative data access and linkage in Scotland to enable policy-relevant research for the public good.
ADR UK website

Artificial Lift: Developing predictive maintenance models with machine learning.
Blog post: Creating predictive maintenance models with machine learning

Decision-making under uncertainty in air traffic control. Developing a software platform to support the creation of artificial (AI) agents which imitate air traffic controllers in a simulated environment. 
Project page: Decision-making under uncertainty in air traffic control

IMAGE-INE: investigating the effectiveness of image analysis techniques in delivering personalised medicine in radiotherapy.
Blog post: Image analysis project opens the way to personalised radiotherapy treatment 

Living With Machines: A five-year research project to re-examine the history of the Industrial Revolution by analysing digitised collections at scale for the first time. It will use data-driven approaches, devising new methods in data science and artificial intelligence.
Project website: Living with machines

Paywizard. Guiding our commercial partner as it transforms into a data-driven organisation and enhancing the machine-learning capabilities of its in-house software platform.
Paywizard and EPCC announce partnership to drive new AI features

PICTURES (Interdisciplinary Collaboration for Efficient and Effective Use of Clinical Images in Big Health Care Research). Researching the use of scalable computing and artificial intelligence to improve the offering of Scottish Medical Imaging to identify and process image cohorts.
PICTURES study to create new platform to help tackle major health issues

Rigocal: Experimental development of neural networks and supporting frameworks for the identification of marine mammal species from video images.
Rigocal Marine Mammal Observation service

Rock Solid Images. Using machine learning to reduce the risks of exploratory drilling for oil and gas.
Blog post: Machine learning for oil & gas exploration 

Royal Bank of Scotland. Long-standing collaboration on data analytics projects across various business areas of the Bank.
Bayes Centre welcomes RBS data specialists

Sustainably: Providing software and data architecture expertise to support the fintech company’s rapid growth plans.
Blog post: Privacy, transparency and control: disrupting the charitable-giving sector 

Data engineering, infrastructure and services

DARE. Addressing the challenges of combining extreme data, extreme computation and extreme complexity in scientific research.
Blog post: Computing for extreme conditions

The DataLoch. Linking primary and secondary health and social care datasets across the Lothian, Fife and Borders regions to support research and improve service provision.

EOSC-hub (European Open Science Cloud Hub): laying the computing foundations for an international frictionless platform of compute and storage resources.
Project website

HDR-UK (Health Data Research UK): supporting the use of data science to research public health challenges.
Blog post: Health Data Research UK

iCAIRD (Industrial Centre for Artificial Intelligence Research in Digital Diagnostics): using artificial intelligence to enable better and earlier diagnosis of disease and more efficient treatment for patients.
News item: £15m Artificial Intelligence centre launched

Global Challenges Research's Fund Multi-Hazard Urban Disaster Risk Transitions Hub: reducing disaster risk for the poor in tomorrow’s cities.
UKRI project page

Large Synoptic Survey Telescope. This 10-year sky survey will deliver more than 100 Petabytes of images and data product. 
LSST Project website

National Safe Haven and Scottish Medical Imaging. Providing access to Scotland's routinely collected medical images for research via the National Safe Haven.

Scottish Administrative Data Research Partnership. Enabling research that leads to policy decisions that will in turn will help Scotland progress towards the vision outlined in the National Performance Framework.
Blog post: Scottish Administrative Data Research Partnership

Text and Data Mining Service. Delivering a text and data mining service to stimulate data-driven text analysis across the City Deal region by non-experts and overcome barriers to data literacy and inclusion. 
Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal website

VESTEC: HPC for urgent decision-making.
Blog post: VESTEC: saving the world one byte at a time

World-Class Data Infrastructure: storage and computing services, including data safe havens, that will host a rich and growing collection of data.
Blog post: The World-Class Data Infrastructure: a fundamental enabler for data-driven innovation

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