Software collaborations

We collaborate with research groups across the world to help develop, extend and optimise their software.

EPCC has formed long-term strategic partnerships with many of the major scientific code consortia, as well as undertaking smaller-scale work with specific researchers. We have worked in areas as diverse as cardiac simulation, materials science, plasma physics, meteorology, computational chemistry, materials science, engineering and mathematics.

Researchers rely on EPCC to bring experience in porting, profiling and optimisation on a variety of cluster and HPC systems. With a unique combination of researchers, software developers and project managers with experience working in academia and industry, a collaboration with EPCC brings both software engineering expertise and the ability to work on projects across the wide variety of research domains.

Below are some examples of our software collaborations. For additional examples, see our newsletters and blog. We also develop and distribute a number of software products.

Examples of our software collaborations

Developing new research

  • BioDare: investigating the genetic underpinnings of circadian clocks
  • Ludwig: simulating complex fluid mixtures

Parallelisation and optimisation

  • APES; Advanced Potential Energy Surfaces
  • BeatBox: parallelising an environment for cardiac simulation
  • CP2K: speeding up classic large-scale computational chemistry
  • Fluidity: scaling the modelling of ocean circulation
  • GS2: optimising FFT performance to study plasma turbulence

Building better software

  • MAUS: helping experimental data analysis in particle physics
  • OP2: developing an open source framework for unstructured grids
  • Sire: supporting software development for protein-ligand binding simulations

European collaborations

  • BonFIRE: management of virtualised resources for Future Internet Research and Experimentation
  • CARP: large scale simulation of studies of cardiac arrhythmia
  • HemeLB: computational haemodynamics stimulating exascale technology


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