Diversity and inclusion at EPCC

At EPCC, we are committed to diversity and inclusion. We can only succeed when we attract and retain the best talent and when our employees reflect the diversity of the people that we work with.

A particular focus for EPCC is increasing gender diversity within the High Performance Computing (HPC) community. We are justifiably proud of being then founding member of the  Women in HPC network and are actively involved in working to improve the representation of women in the HPC community. We are delighted to be one of six Women in HPC Chapters. This UK wide chapter has a strong focus on outreach activities, aimed at encouraging young women to consider a career in computational science and HPC. 

In addition to our strong focus on gender diversity, we are also increasing our efforts to optimise other areas of diversity as well. For example, the Diversity in HPC project is working to showcase the diversity of talent in the HPC community.

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