Calum Muir

Calum D.
HPC Systems Data Centre Manager
+44 (0) 131 445 7835


I joined the ACF team located at Easter Bush in February of 2018, although I have been involved on an off with the team here since 2016. In my role of Data Centre Manager I am responsible for managing the Mechanical/Electrical plant & services, Security, and general site management duties to ensure we minimise risk to the on-site services and ensure they operate to their best capability and efficacy.

In the past I have worked in Building and M & E Services management for many years with specific interest and experience in Data Centre/Critical Area management, a lot of which I developed while working in the Financial Sector.

As well as managing the operation parts of the site, I will also be involved in alteration to existing services and future Projects to allow the site to meet any future requirements and needs.

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November 2021

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