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Dr David
Group Manager
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David graduated with a degree in Physics from Imperial College London in 1987, and gained his PhD in Theoretical Physics from Glasgow University in 1990. He spent the next four and a half years doing research in Lattice Field Theory at Edinburgh University before joining EPCC in 1995. David became Project Manager of EPCC’s Academic Research, Training and Support (ARTS) group in 1999, which currently comprises nine staff. He directly manages a wide range of projects which include: the University of Edinburgh HPC Service; EPCC’s MSc in HPC; the UKHEC project, a three-year HPC research collaboration with Daresbury Laboratory and Manchester University.

David’s technical work has included consultancy on code development and optimisation on a wide range of HPC systems including the Cray T3D, T3E and J90, Sun HPC servers, Compaq clusters, Hitachi SR2201, SGI Origin 2000 and Thinking Machines CM200. He teaches on a wide range of EPCC’s technical training courses, including MPI, HPF and OpenMP, and is overall course organiser for EPCC’s MSc in High Performance Computing.


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