Dr David Scott

Dr David
Applications Consultant
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I joined EPCC in April 2006. I have worked on a range of projects since then covering such things as web services, the semantic web, massively parallel simulations of physical systems and cloud computing. I have utilise many programming languages and I am an Oracle Certified Programmer for Java 6.

I have a Ph.D. in Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics which I obtained from the University of London (Imperial College) in 1979. After 5 years as a post-doc in Cambridge, Saclay (France) and Edinburgh I moved into software engineering. I joined a team in GEC developing an array processor. I held various posts in R&D over the next 21 years, the last (and longest held) being in simulation and training. The company underwent many changes of name and ownership in that time: it was part of BAE Systems by the time I left.

I am interested in object-orientated programming, mathematical modelling of physical and technical systems, the use of simulation in training, knowledge based systems and functional programming.


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