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Dr Gavin J
Applications Consultant
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I joined EPCC in April, 1997. Currently, I am involved with the following projects.

  • CompBioMed2: EU H2020 Centre of Excellence in preparing Computational Biomedical Stimulations for Exascale: Task Leader for Emergent Community Application support, Data Staging Systems, Relations with EU Initiatives and Other User Communities (includes managing the service desk), and Knowledge Transfer (includes coordinating the webinar series).
  • EXCELLERAT: EU H2020 Centre of Excellence in preparing Engineering CFD simulations for Exascale: Task Leader for Implementation of advanced meshing techniques, Task Leader and Working Group Leader for Co-design, and team member preparing TPLS for Exascale.

Past projects include:

  • HPC-Europa3: Host and Contact for visitors to EPCC under this transnational Access Visitor Programme, and organiser of the HPC for SME workshop (review available on the EPCC blog).
  • CompBioMed: Work Package Leader for WP4: Innovation and Sustainability, organiser of its Innovation Advisory Board, and lecturer of "Rough Guide to HPC for Medics".
  • Fortissimo: Helpdesk Manager and Operator, supporting our users on Cirrus, and an active member of the Fortissimo TWG for OpenFOAM.
  • Cirrus: Supporting Commercial Users of Cirrus as both a normal HPC service and a Cloud HPC service.
  • ARCHER: Member of the Computational Science and Engineering support team.
  • CESM: Porting and maintaining the Community Earth System Model on ARCHER.
  • Porting and profiling the MIT General Circulation Model on behalf of the British Antarctic Survey.
  • Mitsubishi Electric R&D Centre Europe looking at Mitsubishi's current simulations, with a view to introduce OpenFOAM into their workflow, and considering the future of CFD packages over the next 30 years.
  • SSI: Working with the Software Sustainability Institute, providing statistical support in a software jobs database.
  • CHPC: 8-day MPI course, and Plenary Talk: “EPCC and Technology Transfer”, CHPC National Meeting, South Africa, Dec 2010.
  • PRACE: Member and coordinator of the PRACE User Documentation(link is external) Editorial Panel, and member of the Tier-1 Distributed Extreme Computing Initiative(link is external) (DECI) team.
  • DEISA: 2004-2011, JRA and Task Leader, DECI deputy manager, UK DECI Ambassador, member of DEISA User Documentation, Chair of the DEISA 2008 international conference organisation committee.
  • AWE(link is external): Introduced OpenMP and dynamic load balancing to key F90/MPI 2D benchmarking code, Chimaera2.
  • VASP dCSE: Profiling with a view to optimising by introducing OpenMP to VASP, a F90/MPI materials/chemistry code.
  • Heli dCSE: architect of RMA MPI into world's first real time flight simulator.
  • OpenFOAM(link is external): Maintaining OpenFOAM on HECToR, and author of 3D Cavity Flow benchmark, and first guest Editor of Capability Computing magazine.
  • HPC-Europa2: Contact and Host for visitors to EPCC under this transnational Access Visitor Programme since 1997.
  • VIRGO: introduced AMR to the AP3M N-body cosmology simulation, co-PI of VirtU, and member of the VIRGO Consortium.

I graduated from Napier Polytechnic with BSc Hons(i) in Mathematics with Engi neering Technology. I then went on to receive a PhD from Napier University, with Edinburgh University and the University of California at Berkeley as cooperating institutions.

I worked as a post-doc at Napier for 4 years, researching the nature of numerical nature of turbulent fluid flow over a sphere. Pseudo-particle methods are used, namely Vortex Methods, which removes the problems of meshes, such as grid-drain. I employed a hand-rolled parallel O(N) N-body solver.

Hobbies: I enjoy the arts and travelling, play bass guitar, and enjoy movies, hiking, and cycling. 

Professional: PRINCE2 Foundation Certification, the Flemish Supercomputer Center Tier-1 Evaluation Committee,  ICTP HPC School lecturer (Italy, Mexico, Brazil), Member of the Mamoru Iriguchi performance art company.

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