Dr Michael Bareford

Dr Michael
Applications Consultant
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I joined EPCC in August 2014 so that I could follow my interest in using HPC for scientific research.

My day-to-day activities involve helping researchers run their parallel codes on the ARCHER2 and Cirrus machines.

Any remaining time is spent doing computational science research, such as investigating the benefits of using one-sided communications and exploring the suitability of FPGA devices for HPC workloads. In my time at EPCC, I have contributed to the ExaFLOW and NEXTGenIO projects. The former concerned the need to prepare CFD codes for the move to exascale platforms; this work involved the in-depth profiling of the Nektar++ code using a variety of profiling tools such as CrayPat, Score-P and Arm MAP.

My background is in theoretical solar physics: I held a postdoctoral research position at St Andrews University for a number of years, working on magnetohydrodynamic simulations of the solar corona, the outer atmosphere of the Sun.

Outside of work, I enjoy running and have competed in many hill races and long distance events such as the Cape Wrath Marathon and the Pentland Skyline.

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