Dr Michael Bareford

Dr Michael
Applications Developer
+44 (0) 131 651 7183

I joined EPCC as an Applications Developer in August 2014 so that I could follow my interest in using HPC for physics research.

My career to date has been a varied one, covering academia and industry. After graduating from university with a BSc in computer science, I embarked on a ten-year career as a software engineer, specialising in secure payment systems and ecommerce. Then in 2005 I returned to university to study physics, which led to a PhD in theoretical solar physics, followed by a postdoctoral research position at St Andrews University. During my time in research, I have mostly worked on magnetohydrodynamic simulations designed to represent the outer atmosphere of the Sun.

Now at EPCC, I work within the CSE team, handling in-depth queries as well as implementing new functionality for the SAFE, a Java-based software framework for the management of HPC resources. My work also involves elements of computational science research. For example, I have conducted an investigation of the power management counters available on the Cray XC30 platform, the results of which were presented at the CUG 2015 conference in Chicago (there is also an ARCHER white paper). Furthermore, I’m currently working to improve the parallelism of a widely-used particle-in-cell code called EPOCH by experimenting with different ways to represent particle lists and by improving load balancing through the use of Hilbert space filling curves.
Outside of work, I enjoy running and have recently competed in several hill races and long distance events, such as the Ben Ledi Ascent and the Isle of Arran half marathon.

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