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Toni Collis has worked at EPCC since 2011 after finishing a PhD on ‘Molecular dynamics simulations of aqueous glutamate and gly-pro-glu (GPE) tripeptide’ at the University of Edinburgh in the School of Physics & Astronomy. Toni also has an MPhys in Mathematical Physics and an MSc in High Performance Computing from EPCC.

Toni has a wide ranging interest in the use of HPC to improve the productivity of science research, in particular developing new HPC tools, improving the scalability of software and introducing new programming models to existing software. 

Toni has worked on the Nu-FuSE project, which was an international collaboration focusing on the computer simulations of fusion reactors and their comments and is currently working on an eCSE project on the TPLS software with Dr Prash Valluri (University of Edinburgh School of Engineering), Dr Lennon O Naraigh (University College Dublin) and Iain Bethune (EPCC). The project aims to improve the scalability of the fluid dynamics software that models the interface between two phases of a fluid using ultra-high resolution DNS.

Toni is also part of the ARCHER CSE team, liaising with the the UK Car-Parrinello Consortium and supporting users of the CASTEP DFT software package.

Toni also has an interest in equality in the STEM subjects in research and industry and is the Equality and Diversity Officer for the School of Physics & Astronomy. In 2013 Toni set up the UK-wide Women in HPC network, that aims to address the under-representation of women working in high-performance computing.

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