Mr Paul Graham

Mr Paul
Software Architect
+44 (0) 131 650 4992


My first programming experience was in BASIC on my Amstrad CPC6128 back in 1986. 9 years later I was programming on the Cray T3D as part of my BSc in Computational Physics at Edinburgh University. I then spent some time working at the ICI Wilton Research & Technology Centre in Middlesbrough as a member of their Modelling Team. On returning to Edinburgh I worked for a while in the restaurant trade, until I joined EPCC in 1998.

I’ve worked on many projects in my time at EPCC. Technical highlights include: data mining for a national bank, development of machine vision software to size mushrooms for a food manufacturer, optimisation and parallelisation of electro-magnetic modelling code for the oil industry, data transfer test code on Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) hardware, GPGPU programming, and numerous Grid-related projects (EGEE, HPCEuropa, OGSA-DAI, NextGrid …). In addition I am a project leader and a line manager.

On a personal note, my interests include comedy, theatre, cinema, both science fiction and computer games (of course!), squash, badminton, cycling and Newcastle United Football Club.

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