Ruairidh MacLeod

Applications Consultant
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I joined EPCC at the start of 2018 as an Applications Developer. I am currently involved in two projects:

Scottish Medical Imaging - We are building a software platform to de-identify a large collection of medical images and provide them to researchers in a secure environment for data science. The images are from a research copy of the national clinical PACS, which includes 23 million different radiological examinations from a population of 5.4 million, and over 1.7 petabytes of data collected since 2010. Images along with their associated metadata will be accessed by researchers in the National Safe Haven, which is a secure virtual environment hosted at EPCC. Working with the Health Informatics Centre at the University of Dundee, we have recently completed our 'minimum viable product' (MVP) implementation of the platform. We are now working towards building the MVP into a full service.

AI for Air Traffic Control - I am collaborating with the Alan Turing Institute and NATS to investigate how machine learning can be applied to air traffic control. The main aim of this project is to build automated agents to "play" the same simulations that human air traffic controllers are trained with. The performance of the AI in these varied scenarios will provide an insight into the possibilities and limitations of applying machine learning in this field.

In addition to these projects, I currently teach parts of the Software Development module in our MSc course, and also supervise a student's dissertation project. Finally, I am co-organiser of the EPCC seminar series.

I graduated from Glasgow University in June 2017 with an MSci in Physics. During my studies I completed two research projects in the experimental particle physics group. The first of these involved computational studies benchmarking the efficiency of a new detector design for the International Linear Collider, and the second involved firmware (and some hardware!) design on a readout system for the CERN Medipix image sensor. In addition I also completed several modules in Computer Science, including object oriented software engineering, algorithms and data structures, and systems and database design.

Ruairidh on Twitter: @ThisIsRuairidh
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