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When EPCC was founded in 1990, computational simulation was in its infancy and parallel computing was a novel niche technology. Today, simulation is accepted as the third methodology, complementing theory and experiment. It is used widely in academic research and by industry and commerce for improving products and reducing time to market. Similarly, with multi-core microprocessors now in every PC and laptop, parallel computing has become ubiquitous.

EPCC has built up a unique set of skills, which it has employed in collaboration with hundreds of businesses and academic research groups. Since 1990 we have worked with companies from blue-chip multinationals such as Cisco and Rolls-Royce to smaller, local companies such as DEM Solutions and OHM Surveys. The so-called ‘early adopters’ are increasingly joined by businesses in areas as diverse as finance, retail, energy and manufacturing who appreciate the power of simulation to design, develop and test tomorrow’s products and services.

Today, EPCC provides world-class computing facilities for scientists and collaborates with researchers in areas ranging from particle physics to cosmology, novel materials to combustion and climate modelling to energy. Our work not only benefits scientific research, but generates new techniques and approaches that are taken up by industry. We provide companies of all sizes access with access to novel computing expertise and specialist computing facilities: from enterprise-level servers to world-scale high performance computers. We also offer training for the next generation of computational science professionals.

Our history gives us the confidence to prepare for the future and we are involved in the design of applications to run on the computers that will be built in 2020. These computers are expected to be over 1000 times more powerful than the state of the art today. Harnessing the full potential of their performance will require substantial new research into computational techniques.

The challenges are significant, the potential benefits are enormous, and the opportunities for the future are greater than ever.

Professor Mark Parsons, EPCC Director


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