Software Carpentry highlights at the EGI Forum

Author: Mike Jackson
Posted: 16 Apr 2013 | 10:58

At last week's EGI Forum, I delivered a day of Software Carpentry boot camp "highlights" as part of The Software Sustainability Institute's training activities. These were taster sessions drawn from Software Carpentry's highly successful boot camps, which are for researchers who want to learn software development skills so they can do more in less time, and with less pain.

The sessions covered:

  • Using version control to record provenance and collaborate more easily.
  • Using testing to help ensure your software, and results, are correct.
  • Data management using a NoSQL database to manage your data more easily.

There were 15-20 attendees for each session, mostly from a computer science or software development background, and in systems support or technical roles. The interests of the attendees were on the specific technologies covered in each session (Git, Python and nosetests, MongoDB) rather than the concepts underlying them, as most attendees were already familiar with these. The attendees viewed the sessions as very useful, one attendee commenting specifically that the hands-on, live coding approach of Software Carpentry was "very clear".

Next up I'll be instructing on a boot camp at Manchester later this week and Mario Antonioletti will be instructing on a boot camp for the Oxford doctoral training centres in early May. These activities contribute to the Institute's aim of enhancing the software development skills of researchers and to enable better research through better software.


Mike Jackson, EPCC

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