We've won gold!

Author: Nick Johnson
Posted: 1 May 2013 | 09:36

Last Thursday (25th April) saw the prizegiving for the University Sustainability Awards. We've been involved with the awards for a few years now and have seen them change and adapt as we have. Last year EPCC won a Silver and this year we have achieved the top award, Gold.

This has taken a lot of work by all members of EPCC, from small things like turning off lights and promptly reporting repairs, to larger issues like thinking about how we best use our human and computer resources.

Sustainability is something we are committed to in EPCC because to us it means much more than simply putting things in the correct bin: it concerns most areas of our business. Being sustainable allows us to adapt and change along with the area in which we operate.

For a full list of prizewinners, see this article from Staff News.


Nick Johnson, EPCC

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