Access to HPC for scientists: DECI-11 Call extended

Author: Chris Johnson
Posted: 12 Jun 2013 | 10:13

I have been dealing with the latest PRACE DECI call for access to Tier-1 resources and we've decided to extend the call opening until this Friday (14th June, 17:00 CEST). See Call information here. Get in touch if you have any questions! Here is a bit of information anyway...

  • Opening date: 8th May 2013, 12:00 CEST
  • Closing date: 14th June 2013, 17:00 CEST 

  • Allocation start date: 1st Nov, 2013 

  • Allocation period: 1 year for Project Access
  • Type of access: DECI (Tier-1)

Tier-1 machines available: 
IBM Blue Gene/Q, Cray XE/XC, and a range of large clusters including GPU resources made available from Cyprus, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Serbia, Spain, Switzerland, The Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Turkey and United Kingdom.

About DECI

DECI is a European Union scheme that gives European scientists access to high performance computing resources. Find out more on the PRACE DECI Projects page.

DECI provides single project cross-national access to European Tier-1 resources (national systems). Access will be awarded for a period of 12 months, beginning 1st Nov 2013. Please note that, in addition to offering access to computing resources, applications-enabling and porting, assistance from experts at the leading European HPC centres is offered (on request and depending on availability) to enable projects to be run on the most appropriate Tier-1 platforms in PRACE. We anticipate accepting around 40 proposals for DECI-11.


Chris Johnson, EPCC

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