Beatbox Workshop - Day 2

Author: Mario Antonioletti
Posted: 25 Jun 2013 | 12:33

The second and final day of the Beatbox workshop that Adrian Jackson described yesterday consisted of a tutorial where some of the participants were walked through running Beatbox scripts and using Beatbox in general. 

The whole set-up was done using a bootable 8Gb Linux USB key which contained the key components, including part of the Beatbox distribution. That worked quite well and would be worth considering for this kind of course. The attendees got to take the USB keys away so they could continue evaluating Beatbox after the event, which is kind of neat.

Another cool tool which is used to visualize Beatbox output is called EZview which allows you to visualize output from Beatbox such as the rabbit ventricle output shown below. I had not seen that in action or used it before this tutorial.

The tutorial also gave the attendees a chance to run Beatbox on HECToR to see how much faster it runs on a parallel system compared to the sequential runs they had been doing in the first half of the tutorial. I have been using Beatbox for a while now and I managed to learn a couple of interesting things for this tutorial as well.


Beatbox software can be obtained from:

The Rabbit Ventricles Geometry data used in the image comes from A.McCulloch, National Biomedical Computation Resource; NIH (USA) Grant P41 RR-08605 [F. J. Vetter, A. D. McCulloch, Three-dimensional analysis of regional cardiac function: a model of rabbit ventricular anatomy, Prog. Biophys. Mol. Biol. 69, 157-183, 1998];
The cartesian format: comes courtesy of Elizabeth M. Cherry and Flavio H. Fenton;
The Beatbox format was produced by Ross McFarlane.

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