Workshop for e-Infrastructure trainers

Author: Simon Hettrick
Posted: 5 Jul 2013 | 15:37


If you have an interest in training researchers to use computing, software or data, you should attend the workshop for e-Infrastructure trainers on 14 August.

The goal of the workshop is to create a community of trainers who will work together to improve the quality and provision of e-Infrastructure training. We will bring together a huge variety of trainers so that they can network, share ideas and work on a strategy for improving training.

Registration and expenses

Register at the Hartree registration website. The event is free and help with travelling expenses will be provided. We are limited to 50 attendees only, so please register early to reserve a place.

The workshop is organised by the Software Sustainabilty Institute under the advice of various steering partners including the EPCC's David Henty, who has contributed his significant experience of training in the HPC sector.

Who's attending

We are bringing together anyone with an interest in training researchers to use computing, software or data. This includes training organisations, funders, technical writers and anyone else with an interest in training.

Already signed up are representatives from: the Software Sustainability Institute, STFC, NAG, PRACE, Hartree Centre, DCC, and the HPC Short Courses.

For more information about the workshop, please visit the Institute's website.

Why do we need a community of trainers?

Research grows ever more reliant on computing, software and data (or e-Infrastructure), but few researchers have the skills to make the most of these resources. As trainers, we're responsible for providing researchers with the skills they need, but we tend to work in isolation.

If we work together as a community, we will be able provide better training, share best practice and are more likely to have an impact on the way training is provisioned and funded in the UK


We will use a flexible agenda for the workshop, which will allow attendees to suggest topics for discussion and hence tailor the workshop to meets their needs. Items for the agenda so far include:

  • Working together to provide continuous training from amateur to expert
  • How can we make researchers aware of the training that is available?
  • Improving the understanding and status of training in research
  • Understanding the future of funding for training
  • Providing incentives to produce good training materials
  • Working with technical writers to produce quality training materials

In addition to the discussion groups, time will be provided for lightning talks and networking.


If you would like to know more about this event, please contact us.

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