EPCC MSc Student Team in ISC'13 SCC

Author: Xu Guo
Posted: 16 Jul 2013 | 16:02

EPCC's MSc in HPC student team participated in the ISC13 Student Cluster Challenge at Leipzig from 16-19 June. This was the very first time that MSc students from EPCC (and from the UK!) had joined the Student Cluster Competition.

Eight teams from China, Costa Rica, Germany, Sourth Africa, UK and US were there to compete for three awards:

  • Highest LINPACK: highest score of the Linpack benchmark.
  • Overall Winner: achieves the highest aggregate points total for all the benchmarks included in the competition and the interview with the ISC-HPCAC-SCC board. The benchmarks for ISC13 SCC included: Linpack, HPCC, Gromacs, MILC, WRF and 2 secret applications that were announced on the second and third competiton days (AMG and CP2K).
  • Fan Favourite: the team that got the most unique votes from ISC participants during the competition.

Sponsored by Boston Ltd and Viglen Ltd, a mixed-architecture with 4 nodes (64 cores) Xeion E5-2670 and 8 NVIDIA K20 GPGPUs was used by Team EPCC for the competition. Prior to the event, the EPCC student team took a 3-day training trip to Boston Ltd and Viglen Ltd, and prepared for the competition from all hardware and applications aspects. Further analysis about the configurations from all teams in ISC13 SCC can be found here: http://studentclustercomp.com/?p=1402


The top three teams were announced for their Linpack performance as all three achieved new Student Cluster world records which were much higher than the previous world record results (achieved in April 2013 at the Asia Student Supercomputer Challenge).

EPCC was ranked second in the Linpack battle with a score of 8.321 TFlop/s, which was only 0.134 TFlop/s lower than the top Linpack score achieved by HUST (China). Last-time ISC12 SCC overall winner, Tsinghua (China), was ranked third, with a Linpack score of 8.132 TFlop/s.

Regarding the performance of the applications’ benchmarking, Team EPCC topped the field on one of the MILC data sets and finished second on the other. In the end, the team from South Africa was the "Overall Winner" for the ISC13 SCC and the team from Costa Rica got the "Fan Favourite" award.

Photo above: Team EPCC in ISC'13 Student Cluster Challenge Competition.

Photo above: Team EPCC at the ISC'13 SCC Award Ceremony. From left to right: Paolo Paride Martino, Swapnil Gaikwad, Xu Guo (Coach), Nikolaos Koutsikos and Don Browne.


Xu Guo, EPCC


Congratulations to all of you.

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