Kicking-off Adept!

Author: Michele Weiland
Posted: 30 Sep 2013 | 15:58

Adept, EPCC’s latest EU project, started officially on the 1st September and we held our kick-off meeting in Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago. The project partners travelled from Sweden (Uppsala University and Ericsson) and Belgium (Ghent), as well as from just across town (Alpha Data) to take part.

Adept is motivated by the desire to understand the energy consumption of parallel codes on various hardware platforms, from HPC to embedded systems, and how programmers can optimise their codes for power efficiency as well as runtime, memory usage and I/O. Led by EPCC, Adept seeks to build on the skills of the HPC community in writing efficient parallel software and the embedded computing community in working within strict power budgets. EPCC’s technical contributions are in providing benchmark codes, real-life case studies based on scientific software, and provisioning and instrumenting hardware.

The kick-off meeting involved the usual management and administration talks to make sure everyone involved understands the logistics of the project, however we quickly moved on to focus mainly on technical discussions. We had decided to take the opportunity of all of us being in the same room to start addressing some of the key issues the project wants to tackle:

  • What micro-, kernel- and application-level benchmarks can we develop that will allow us to measure power consumption of hardware components and to evaluate power use of different programming models and parallel algorithms?

  • What hardware architectures, both representative of HPC and embedded, are we going to measure power consumption on, and how exactly are we going to achieve the high granularity we require for our modelling tool?

  • What information and data will we need to extract from both the benchmarks and the hardware, and how will it feed into our performance and power model?

The meeting was wrapped up after a day and a half of in-depth technical discussions and the general feeling was that we had made an excellent start to the project. It was quickly decided that we should not leave it too long before repeating the experience, so we will all get together again in Ghent in early December. In the meantime, work will start in earnest at the different sites and we will hope to be able to report on first results in the near future – watch this space!

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For more information on Adept, including announcements of upcoming events, please visit the ADEPT website.


Michele Weiland, EPCC

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