Big Data training session: EPCC & EUDAT at ISC Big Data

Author: Adam Carter
Posted: 9 Sep 2014 | 09:53
ISC is Europe’s biggest supercomputing conference, and EPCC has been represented at the event for a number of years now. More recently, as the interest in Big Data has grown, ISC has launched a new conference - ISC Big Data - which is specifically focussed on this new field.
This year the EUDAT project will run a training session at ISC Big Data. We at EPCC have put together the course in conjunction with our partners from RZG and CINECA.
Big Data, of course, means different things to different people, but many now are converging on a definition which revolves around the so-called 3Vs of Big Data:
  • Volume
  • Variety
  • Velocity.
Others have added more Vs including: Value, Veracity, Variability, Validity and Visualisation but most people would now agree that if you’re working with data that meets even two of the criteria of volume, variety and velocity then you are working with Big Data!
The course describes what EUDAT is working on in the context of the three Vs of Big Data. You can find out what services we have to offer you and how they can help you to do research in new ways.

We’ve also included a session which is specifically related to legal aspects of data sharing, something which becomes more and more important as we share more of our data, and make use of data that others have produced and collected.

The course will be presented by four members of the EUDAT project who together have a broad knowledge about Big Data, Data Science and Research Data Infrastructures.

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EUDAT is a large European project whose vision is to support a Collaborative Data Infrastructure that will allow researchers to share data within and between communities and enable them to carry out their research effectively. EUDAT aims to provide a solution that will be affordable, trustworthy, robust, persistent and easy to use. 

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