Teaching at the International Centre of Theoretical Physics, Trieste

Author: Gavin Pringle
Posted: 19 Nov 2014 | 15:42

I was recently invited to teach at an HPC School near Trieste, Italy. It was housed in The International Centre of Theoretical Physics (ICTP), which is governed by UNESCO, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and Italy, and is a UNESCO Category 1 Institute. These institutes build scientific capacity in member states, essentially in developing countries.

The HPC School, organised by Ivan Girotto et al., was part of a larger event co-sponsored by OGS, PRACE and CINECA. The HPC School had 50 students from 35 Developing Countries, including Brazil and India, as expected, but also, as examples, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Kenya, Malaysia, Slovak Republic and Venezuela.

The lecturers at the School included Ivan Girotto (ICTP, Italy), Axel Kohlmeyer (Temple University, USA & ICTP, Italy), Ekpe Okorafor (Big Data Academy, Irving, USA & AUST, Abuja, Nigeria) and Shawn T. Brown (Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center, USA).

Personally, I presented four talks: Parallelising Wave Front Simulations, Foundations of Parallel I/O, Parallel FFTs and How to Access HPC Resources. The afternoon consultancy sessions were quite intense yet fascinating and ran from 2pm until well after 6pm.

The venue, The Adriatico Guesthouse, is a refreshingly unadorned B&B on the shores of the Adriatic in the tiny harbour village of Grignano, which has the most amazing fish restaurant. The village includes the Miramare Castle, Trieste's top tourist attraction, and its beautiful garden hides the path from the B&B to the main campus.

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Miramare Castle

Photograph of Castle Miramare by Miro on/off.


Gavin J. Pringle, EPCC


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