MPI 3.1 ratified

Author: Daniel Holmes
Posted: 8 Jun 2015 | 13:17

The MPI 3.1 standard, a minor update to the existing MPI 3.0 Standard, was ratified last week at the latest MPI Forum meeting

There are a few minor fixes (the change log begins on page 795, if you're interested) and some additions to functionality. The changes that most affect scientific HPC codes are:

  1. New routines, MPI_AINT_ADD and MPI_AINT_DIFF, were added that perform arithmetic on memory addresses safely.
  2. Routines like, MPI_INITIALIZED and MPI_QUERY_THREAD are now callable from threads without restriction (as if thread support level was MPI_THREAD_MULTIPLE) in order that any thread can safely determine whether it is allowed to make other MPI calls.
  3. New routines were added for non-blocking I/O (these are intended to replace the split-collective I/O routines) eventually.

Also, EPCC is one of the organisations acknowledged and appreciated for valuable input (see page xxxii).

Download the report

The direct web link for the new document is:

The MPI 3.1 team (thanks to Jeff Squyres for the picture).

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