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Author: Iain Bethune
Posted: 13 Aug 2015 | 14:52

Forth 1 Fringe@Work

As you may know, the Edinburgh Festival is currently in full swing - in fact it's hard to make it across the city centre without stumbling across street artists or perfomers offering tickets for their shows. For the most part, life on the King's Buildings Campus goes on regardless... until our Business Development & Marketing Manager Maureen announced that we'd won the Fringe@Work competition, and Forth 1 Radio and the Gilded Balloon would be bringing a taste of the Festival Fringe direct to JCMB Lecture Theatre A.

So at lunchtime on Wednesday the lecture theatre was packed with over 100 staff and students from EPCC and Physics, looking forward to a bit of a giggle, and we weren't disappointed! The MC was DJ Boogie from Forth 1 who had clearly done his homework and knew his LHC from his HPC!

The first act was Davey Connor, a standup comic from Paisley - son of John Connor and grandson of Sarah Connor (apparently!).  His brief and potty-mouthed set covered topics as diverse as aeroplane toilets and the drinking habits of Paisley natives.  Second up was festival first-timer Mark Forward from Canada, who combined a Ukelele performance with surreal and strangely amusing storytelling.

The final act was none other than the 'Dragapella' (for what else would you call a cross-dressing barbershop quartet?) foursome The Kinsey Sicks who sang a couple of hilarious songs about alleged backstage antics with DJ Boogie and the US penchant for selling arms around the world! The whole show was videoed by Forth 1, although they may have trouble editing it into a 'family-friendly' format...

Before we knew it the show was over and it was time to head back to work - but not before making time for EPCC Director Mark Parsons to have a photo-op with the 'ladies' backstage!

MarkP and Maureen with The Kinsey Sicks, Mark Forward and Davey Connor


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