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Author: Adam Carter
Posted: 23 Oct 2015 | 14:19

Our flexible, online courses are designed to fit around your other commitments. Students are given access to the computing facilities of the ARCHER system, the UK national supercomputer service.

Successful completion of one of the stand-alone courses described below leads to a Postgraduate Professional Development award from The University of Edinburgh.

The courses can also be taken as part of an online Certificate in Data Science, Technology and Innovation from The University of Edinburgh. Each course corresponds to 20 SCQF credits and is assessed online through coursework.

Practical Introduction to Data Science

This course introduces the important ideas and concepts of data science and allows students to gain the basic skills that would be expected of a data scientist. It has two broad themes: the importance of looking after data (so that it can be analysed) and data analysis.

The data management strand covers subjects relating to databases and data storage, archiving and legal and ethical issues. We then cover data analytics techniques and look at how some of these can be done at scale with technologies such as Hadoop.


Practical Introduction to HPC

High-performance computing (HPC) is a fundamental technology used in solving scientific and commercial problems. Modern supercomputers are parallel computers, comprising thousands of processors. Parallel programming techniques can also be applied to smaller systems such as multi-core desktops, graphics processors and computing clusters.

The course has three main themes: Hardware, Architectures & System Software; Parallel Programming; Applications on HPC systems. You will explore these topics by running parallel programs on real HPC systems such as the UK national supercomputer, ARCHER.


EPCC’s online distance learning courses start in January 2016. Apply now!

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